About the region

Stefan Voda


The region of the "STEFAN VODA" PGI has royal identity, loaded with history and tradition. An area full of charm, which shelters a genuine spring of the highest quality wine.

The region is named after STEFAN CEL MARE, STEFAN THE GREAT, Ruler and Warrior of Moldova for 47 years, who hold the longest reign in the medieval era in the Romanian Countries (1457-1504).

STEFAN THE GREAT encouraged production and consumption of wines, establishing the cup-bearer’s position at the royal court. A cup-bearer’s had authority to supervise the vineyards and winemakers to ensure the production of quality wines. The cup-bearer was in charge of securing the best wine for royal feasts. He was the one to taste the wine before it was served to the King, to check that it was not poisoned.

In Moldova, Stephen the Great is considered to be the founder of both public and private vineyards and cellars (see, acad. G. Constantinescu and prof.inv. Dr. Milu Oșlobeanu, Stefan cel Mare, Ctitorul podgoriilor din Moldova (Stephen the Great, the founder of vineyards in Moldova).

The geographical area intended for production of wines with STEFAN VODA Protected Geographical Indication extends over a territory defined according to Order of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Industry No. 105 of June 10, 2011 and it covers an area of ​​about 10 thousand hectares of vineyards.

The PGI was been registered nationally for protection on February 7, 2012 by an association of legal entities, named the Association of STEFAN VODA PGI Wine Producers and it belongs to all the producers within the Association. Since October 18, 2016 it was also recognized at the EU level, by the 28 EU countries under the Association Agreement.

White, rosé and red varietal and blended wines, dry and semi-dry, produced from grapes harvested from the defined area, have made the Republic of Moldova famous internationally as a country with winemaking traditions. Over time, the country got renowned for wines of special quality.

The defined geographical area is located in the south-eastern part of the country and it covers the communities of 4 administrative-territorial districts: STEFAN VODA, CAUSENI, CIMISLIA AND BASARABEASCA. It includes the following natural areas: The Botna River Meadow, the Dniester Terraces and the Southern Moldavian Plain. On the territory of the region, the transboundary river Dniester and the inland rivers Botna and Cogalnic flow.

15 varieties
10,000 hectares
14 wineries

About The Terroir

The quality, reputation and distinctive organoleptic features of the ȘTEFAN VODA PGI wines are encompassed by natural and human factors, which, taken together, form a unique terroir.

The specific relief of the PGI region represents a harmonious alternation of valleys and hills, favoured by many sunny days, limited precipitation, optimal location of vineyards on terraces along the Dniester River, the Black Sea breeze, as well as the human factor - the skilled workforce, formed by millennia of tradition, but also use of some elements of modern technologies. All these contribute to obtaining high quality grapes and, respectively, generous, deep wines with a lot of sun and complex, but also elegant flavours, which reflect the specific terroir and win over even the most demanding of the consumers.

Key data:

  • Relief - 3 forms of relief: plains, hills and terraces along the Dniester river
  • Soils: chestnut and podzolic, ordinary and carbonate chernozems, rich in humus and trace elements
  • Average annual temperature: 10-11°C
  • Sum of active temperatures: 3100-3250°C
  • Intense sunshine during the year: 2270 hours
  • Amount of annual precipitation: 390-450 mm
  • Altitude: 120-160 meters above sea level.
About 6 percent of the area of the registered plantations are the ones covered with local grape varieties and new varieties of Moldovan selection, such as Feteasca neagra, Rara neagra, Feteasca alba, Feteasca regala and Viorica.

The geographical area defined under the STEFAN VODA Protected Geographical Indication is home to several wineries, from the largest to the smallest, from family wineries to wineries founded through the passion and love for the native land of many locals. The association has a considerably smaller number of members as compared to other PGI associations in the Republic of Moldova, but each of these wineries is proud of its distinct history, traditions and innovations, steadily advancing along a pathway towards excellence.



Was approved the first project on the specialization and zoning of viticulture in Moldova, which included 4 Regions: North, South, Central and Transnistrian


Approved Delimitation of wine-growing geographical areas for the production of wines with a Protected Geographical Indication and The establishment of producer associations


Production of wines with Protected Geographical Indication has begun