Purcari, the oldest winery in the Republic of Moldova, was established in 1827 and is the most famous winery in the country. The Purcari vineyards are located at the same latitude as France's famous wine region, Bourdeaux. The climate, the soil and the geographical position are in a perfect alignment to contribute to the highest quality of grapes. Purcari wines are popular at royal courts and were requested by historical personalities such as the Russian Emperor Nicholas II, King George V and Queen Victoria.

Purcari won its first gold medal in 1878, at the World Exhibition in Paris, for Negru de Purcari. In 2014, Purcari crossed the borders of the country, returning to the UK market through the British Royal House distributor, BBR. Also, Purcari managed to penetrate the monopoly market in Norway, thus becoming the only Moldovan wine sold in this country. Later, in 2015, Purcari Winery received the Certificate of Official Supplier of the Royal Court of Romania. Today, the winery produces about 10,000,000 bottles of wine annually. Purcari wines are popular in more than 40 countries, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Norway, Czech Republic, China, Poland and the Baltic countries.

Another professional achievement of the Purcari winery is its high quality wine tourism. The Purcari Manor is located 108 kilometres away from Chisinau, near the Dniester River and only 50 kilometres from the shores of the Black Sea. The famous Purcari cellars, built in 1827, house an important part of Moldova's heritage, a collection of Purcari blended wines. The Purcari wine collection has won over 460 awards at the most renowned international contests, such as Decanter, Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, Challenge International du Vin and many others.

The Purcari vineyards are located on the west coast of the Dniester River, at an average altitude of 110-185 meters above the level of the Black Sea. They stretch on an area of over 270 hectares, benefiting from a special microclimate, that protects the vineyards from frost during the winter, and from heat - in summer months.

The unique Purcari microzone has an ideal terroir for production of high quality wines. The climate is characterized by active temperatures of up to 3,300 °C and a relative air humidity of 0.68-0.75.

It is a microzone known for its soil composition – clay-sandy carbonated chernozem. The orientation of the slope influences the soil characteristics, which plays an important role in differentiating the flavours and tastes of a wine.