Radacini, in translation to English, means roots. The roots of our love for winemaking start from our drive towards perfection. In our winemaking we pay special attention to detail.

Our own vineyards allow us to obtain quality grapes for production of our wines. The STEFAN VODA PGI region is a region where we cultivate both local (Feteasca Neagra, Rara Neagra, Feteasca Alba) and European varieties. The total area of the company's vineyards in the STEFAN VODA PGI Region is 260 ha. Modern winemaking technologies and a team of professionals, who do their job with dedication and passion, allow us to produce wines with personality. The outcome of our efforts is confirmed by over 100 awards granted at international contests.

Radacini wines are the embodiment of the Moldovan soul, of the passion, joy, hospitality and dedicated work of our ancestors, which were conveyed to us genetically, together with the love for the land.