Timbrus Purcari Estate

TIMBRUS is a project to create new generation premium category wines in the Republic of Moldova. The name Timbrus comes from the word timbru, meaning a stamp - fiscal or postal, which is a symbol of a letter, personally delivered to the recipient. TIMBRUS wines are a personal message from the renowned Spanish winemaker, Manuel Ortiz, addressed to all those who truly appreciate quality wines. It is a communication of a unique personality, who decided to create world-class wines in Moldova. This message contains the secret of a special wine, the uniqueness of Timbrus wines. The history of Timbrus wines has started in 2008 with the purchase of agricultural land in the Purcari plain, in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Moldova, where, at the beginning of the 19th century, foreign settlers created high quality wines, recognized at the time as of a quality not surpassed by famous French wines.


TIMBRUS vineyards are notable for the fact that in the Purcari plain, the company successfully cultivates both classic varieties (Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Traminer) and unique local varieties (Rara Neagra, Feteasca Neagra, Viorica), as well as rare grape varieties for Moldova (Saperavi, Malbec, Shiraz), the cuttings of which were purchased in Europe, except for local varieties, which were produced in national nurseries and except for Saperavi, which is brought from Georgia. Currently, the company owns 157 hectares of land, of which 112 hectares are planted with vines in the Purcari plain, while the TIMBRUS varietal program is in continuous development and in search of new solutions, unique to Moldova in the field of viticulture.


The main secret of TIMBRUS wines lies in the European approach to all stages of production, from planting of cuttings to bottling. Our wines are made in accordance with world quality standards using modern and advanced technologies, but at the same time they have a number of features that make them stand out among other Moldovan wines. Thus, for creation of our wines, we use the highest quality fractions - ravac must in the amount of 50-55 dal/ton of grapes. Another important criterion for creation of Timbrus wines is the fundamental use of yeasts, which "live" in the skin of the grapes, allow for amplification of the varietal specifics of the grapes and the natural richness of the Purcari terroir, as well as highlighting the wines through special characteristics of the bouquet and taste. All Timbrus wines are covered by STEFAN VODA Protected Geographical Indication.


In the picturesque Purcari plain, among its own vineyards, TIMBRUS is planning to build a wine tourism site, a special one in terms of production, aesthetic and innovative features. The design of the site is an architectural embodiment of the company's philosophy. Creating Premium category wines with a recognizable character, TIMBRUS also plans to build a wine tourism site that is different from other wine enterprises in Moldova. The individual, expressive aspect highlights the essence of the company's business, its tendency to create author images of a premium winemaking. In addition to building of the site, the company plans to develop and implement in Purcari its own tourism program, which would combine staying in a naturally pure environment with maximum care for visitors. Hotel rooms, recreation areas, restaurants – all these things, and more, will be available to our guests. The strategic objective of the TIMBRUS wine tourism site is its inclusion in the European Wine Route, alongside the most famous and worthy wineries on the continent.