Javgur Winery

Javgur Winery was built in 1957, in the village of Javgur, Cimislia district, as part of a natural amphitheatre of unique beauty, located on the ancient Valul lui Traian de sus, which crosses both through the winery and across the territory of the Republic of Moldova, from the Prut river to the Dniester river. It is an ecologically favourable area, where tranquillity was born, an area where time does not rush, where the vineyards surrounding the winery are bathed in the sun's rays, reflected in the nearby lake which delight your senses with a fairy-tale landscape. From hand-picked grapes, cared for with love, a true bottled poetry is born.

Initially it was just an ordinary winemaking entity, but recognized far beyond the borders of the country for its wines, which served as raw material for sparkling wines, as well as quality liqueur wines delivered in bulk.

Over time, the Javgur Winery underwent structural changes that laid the basis for its development. The winery is managed for over 35 years by the famous oenologist, Scutaru Gheorghe, who passed on his passion and love for wine to his children. His sister and brother chose to follow in the same path, as pointed out by their father. The family combines traditional practices in winemaking with modern technologies and professional knowledge.

On an own area of 87 ha of vines, cared for through a lot of work, the classic varieties of Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Pinot gris, Traminer, Muscat, Pinot noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon have adapted very well to the climatic and soil conditions.

Today the Javgur Winery uses over 1000 tons of grapes for wine per season (50% white grapes, 50% red grapes). Controlled fermentation for both white and red wines allows to obtain elegant wines, full of finesse and refinement, with a freshness and fruitiness specific to the varieties, which are highly appreciated in international contests. The red wines mature in oak barrels, becoming round and noble.

Due to thorough control at all stages of the production process, from planting of the cuttings to delivery of the finished product to the consumer, the superior quality of the wine, the specificity of the area and the imprint of the terroir are ensured. In 2018, a production section (640 sq. m) was built at a semi-basement level with the micro-wine-making section, maturation and wine cellars, according to the latest standards. It was also fitted up with modern equipment.

The Javgur winery is part of the "STEFAN VODA" PGI Region. Our objective is to make special and quality wines, that reflect the terroir and man's connection with nature.

Javgur Winery - wines that preserve family values!